I don’t find it convenient using words like “long” and “eventful” in my attempts to describe my relatively short life whenever the older-generation folks tell me about their stories. During the past 11 years, the shape and the fate of my country have taken many wild turns where some might prefer to use the “getting off the rails” entitlement as a bottom line for every conversation they encounter in their everyday lives, reflecting on how things have turned out to be so far while showing the least signs of hope.
Sectarianism evolved in an overwhelming manner, independence seemed to be a hard endeavor to achieve, people seem to be no longer interested in standing on the same distance from every side of the story, detainees eventually have the authority of shaping your future in a land where sovereignty looks so vulnerable.
While looking back at the past decade, I still find it hard to swallow such a gimmick (if that was the case),leaving me with mixed feelings of uncertainty whether I’m being blessed for making it after all these years sound and sane, or am I cursed for witnessing the loss of our beloved ones. Whichever, is a matter of perspective in the end of the day.

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  It’s been a while here on my desk. Neon lights are always lit in this room. the monitor light of my PC lights the room for a change sometimes, I always seem to be turning my head to the left to see the window, I find out it’s dark outside, I do it again a while later but there’s a light coming through the green blinds this time. I remove my earphones for a minute to assure any sign of chirping birds, then I shuffle back through the rhythm again.

Ain’t it funny you just don’t mind the clock? not as you used to be before at least. After all you don’t find much of a difference between AM and PM when you use the initials to distinguish between both, or maybe just a simple turning of the head to the left would be the case.
Wondering when it’s high time for those Neon lights to find rest in darkness eventually.

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This is how my facebook homepage news feed looked like today. The irony of valentine’s day becomes dark sometimes. :/

Good times today hanging out with the good old boys.

وكما قال الرجال في مجموعة (الفلفل الاحمر اللاذع) في لحنهم المشهور(تحت الجسر): “احيانا اشعر بان ليس لي رفيق, احيانا اشعر بان رفيقتي الوحيدة هي مدينتي, مدينة الملائكة. وحيدة مثلي .. نبكي معا..”